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Coming Home

We have watched the Waitrose Christmas advert called 'Coming Home'. It is about a little robin who makes a difficult jouney to reach home for Christmas. We have decided to focus upon this story for our literacy work this week.

How do we understand home?

We thought about our own homes and what they mean to us. We used our senses to think about what we could see, hear, smell and feel in our homes. We then wrote all our ideas down on a house shape. We tried to make our writing in the shape of doors, windows and roofs.

Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo

We read the book Michael Morpurgo has written using the advert as his inspiration. We examined all the difiiculties the robin faced on his journey home and imagined how it must have felt. Then we wrote down lots of words on a robin shaped template.

Making bird cakes.

We researched what robins like to eat. We found out they were omnivorous which means they can eat meat and vegetables. We made our bird cakes by following a set of instructions. We added sunflower seeds, digestive biscuits, dried fruit and lard. We took them home to hang them in our gardens.
We decided to make our own robin biscuits. We had to read a recipe to find out what ingredients and equipment we needed and instructions on how to make them. We made nearly 100 biscuits today. We decorated them with white icing and glace cherriesfor the red breast, currants for eyes and flake chocolate for the wings. They looked beautiful and were delicious!

Making robin biscuits.

We wrote poetry in the style of the book 'Coming Home'