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Jewish Shabbat meal

As part of our RE topic we have been looking at how Jews celebrate Shabbat. This takes place every Friday night from sunset until Saturday night. It is a time where Jews are reminded of God creating the world and rested on the 7th day. They use this time to rest and spend time with family. They have a special ceremony where they say blessings, sing songs and eat a special bread called Challah. We made our own Challah bread- it was delicious!
Picture 1 Mixing all the ingredients
Picture 2 Rolling the dough out
Picture 3 Rolling the dough into strips
Picture 4 Plaiting the dough
Picture 5 sprinkling poppy seeds on top
Picture 6 Ready for the oven!
Picture 7 Tidying the classroom before the meal
Picture 8 The lighted candles mark the beginning of the meal
Picture 9 Our Challah bread ready to eat
Picture 10 Enjoying the bread and grape juice!
Picture 11 Enjoying the bread and grape juice!