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Curriculum Statement of Intent for Music at Wavertree Church of England School.


The Christian ethos of Wavertree CE School is showcased by our children singing together and feeling part of a class choir, or part of the whole school community when singing. Pupils have many opportunities during their time at Wavertree to sing and play music during lessons, and publicly to a much wider audience. We feel this helps them to be part of our school fellowship, and to identify themselves as singers and musicians. The school has forged links with Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral and has taken part in many performances there on a city wide stage, this equips our pupils with a sense of belonging to our school, and to the community as a whole. 


We believe that all children are unique and have their own voices. It is our responsibility as a staff to make sure those voices are heard, and are confident in expressing themselves through song. The Charanga music scheme, used at Wavertree CE School has singing at it’s core, as well as the opportunity to create music on a wide variety of instruments, across a whole spectrum of musical styles. There is definitely something in there to suit all tastes.

We provide a nurturing environment where all children feel confident in their ability to perform, and create. There are many opportunities to compose and to improvise in a style the children have studied. We believe this gives our children a platform to express their feelings, and to show their inner-self, through the creation of melody and rhythm.

Wider opportunities are given to children in Years Four and Five, as they work with the Resonate group and learn a specific instrument, in this case, the violin. The most gifted are given the opportunity to take this skill further and gain medals in performance. There are also after school clubs that cater for children who wish to develop their talents in recorder and guitar clubs.


The Charanga scheme provides an engaging platform to learning, The contemporary songs make it an exciting subject for the children to study, and the introduction of genres the children may not have heard before is presented in a format that draws in the class through collective singing and the chance to play and perform in a variety of genres. We believe all children are capable of achieving their best and make suitable progress from varied starting points, and those who have an aptitude are able to be challenged. Those who are experiencing the chance to play music as a new activity are challenged to play and sing to the best of their capabilities. Classes are inclusive and children are encouraged to participate within their comfort zone.

Wider opportunities such as the cathedral choir, or after school clubs are also open to all and the importance of music as a vehicle for expression is always stated in both the classroom and whole school setting. This also provides the Wavertree child with cultural appreciation and entitlement.

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