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Curriculum Statement of Intent for PE at Wavertree Church of England School.


At Wavertree CE School, we foster a spirit of belonging to part of a team, be that a class, a house team, or the entire school body. The fact we are a small school creates an atmosphere of fellowship, as children from different classes know each other and forge relationships during our after school clubs, and sports competitions.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in extra-curricular sports events, which happen throughout the academic year, and bonds are formed as children compete together. Win or lose, the sporting values we uphold are at the core of all we do. We congratulate opponents when they win, and we console those who lose.

In PE lessons, children develop their sense of belonging as they progress through the school, and the level of challenge they experience is related to their ability rather than their age range. Those who require more challenge are just as well catered for as those who need extra input to help them achieve their potential. Pupils are given opportunities in PE lessons to encourage their team mates, and sometimes offer coaching, to help them meet the challenge of each task. We believe this helps increase the sense of unity and togetherness that we aspire to at Wavertree CE School.


At Wavertree CE School we believe that Physical Education is a hugely important part of a child’s development. Exercise is at the forefront of a healthy child’s growth, and sport is an essential tool in helping that child stay fit and active. Within the framework of sport and games, we encourage the children to believe in themselves, creating a resilient mindset that will rise to challenges and foster an attitude of self-belief. This attitude can be applied across the curriculum in other subjects, and pupils will feel they have the ability to overcome any problem they encounter.

Across Key Stage 1 and 2, we use the Jasmine Real PE learning platform. This teaches the skills relevant to all sports and builds a confidence and readiness to meet challenges. Children compete against themselves, and as part of a team, to improve their performance in a range of skills ie: health, cognitive, social, personal, creative and physical. Jasmine Real PE focuses pupils on the idea of embracing challenge, and consistently trying to improve their performance. These values, when layered across the curriculum as a whole, we believe are crucial to a child’s development of their own self-worth and self-belief.


We strive to ensure that all children are able to reach their full potential. As well as the opportunities for development in PE lessons, there are Real PE challenges that can be undertaken during playtimes. These are led by playtime staff and are there for those who are less able to hone their skills, as well as those who are high achievers to challenge themselves further. Football Club and Running Club are run after school to give children a chance to take part in activities to increase skills and fitness. There are also regular sports competitions against other schools to give children a chance to compete as a team. Theses competitions range across a wide range of disciplines and give children of all ages and abilities the chance to experience team games. Our close links to the Liverpool Aquatics Centre also allows us to have a high number of our year six children able to swim to the standard of 25 metres and above.

Achievements are celebrated across the school as part of our celebration assembly. Ensuring that win, lose or draw, our team members ae congratulated on their performance, and can rightfully feel proud of all they have achieved. 

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