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Curriculum Statement of Intent for PSHE


    Our PSHE curriculum is strongly tied to our Relationships and Health Education and we are guided by the statutory guidance for Relationships Education. Through this, all children will be taught the content in the following areas: 

    • Families and people who care for me
    • Caring friendships
    • Respectful relationships
    • Online relationships
    • Being safe
    • Mental wellbeing
    • Internet safety and harms
    • Physical health and fitness
    • Healthy eating
    • Drugs, alcohol and tobacco
    • Health and prevention
    • Basic first aid
    • Changing adolescent body

    We intend for the principles and positive messages covered within PSHE to be integrated into whole school life and the ethos of the school. We intend that children’s attitude towards themselves, towards their learning and towards others will be positively strengthened through the knowledge and skills developed through our PSHE curriculum. 


    Here are some useful documents to help you support your child’s learning.

    Heartsmart Parent Information

    Heartsmart High Five Poster

    Overview Grid 2021

    Progression Grid



    PSHE is taught as a discrete lesson, every week and a range of teaching and learning styles are used, with an emphasis on discussion, group work and problem solving. The whole school follow the ‘HeartSmart’ scheme of work as a basis, complimenting it with creative ideas to motivate all learners. Clear ground rules regarding discussions are put in place to ensure a safe, supportive and positive learning environment. At Wavertree, we welcome visiting speakers, (e.g. health workers, charities, public sector workers) to broaden the curriculum and share their real-life experiences.

    In addition to discrete lessons, the PSHE objectives are covered in other areas of our curriculum, for example, an aspect of health may form part of the Science curriculum and positive relationships may be explored in English, through a shared book. PSHE objectives link to our Christian values and are key when we are planning and delivering our RE lessons and Collective Acts of Worship.

    As a child moves through our school, their knowledge and understanding develops and deepens. The ideas and concepts that children explore are revisited, allowing children to continue to develop in order to prepare them for future learning and life. 

     We implement our curriculum using the HeartSmart scheme which organises the skills and knowledge into six areas:

    • Get HeartSmart
    • Don’t Forget to Let Love In
    • Too Much Selfie isn’t Healthy
    • Don’t Hold on to What’s Wrong
    • Fake is a Mistake
    • ‘No Way Through’ isn’t True

    Our PSHE curriculum is high quality, well thought out and is planned to ensure progression. Our teachers measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

    • A knowledge check at the beginning of each unit to see what the children already know
    • Make links to previous learning 
    • Start lessons with a recap of understanding from the previous session
    • Provide opportunities for open-ended tasks, to allow the more able to demonstrate their greater knowledge
    • Assess children at the end of the unit to ascertain their learning
    • Continue to assess children by observing how their growing knowledge and understanding is applied in areas other than in PSHE lessons (for example during book discussions or answers given in R.E and Collective Acts of Worship)

    The co-ordinator checks that this impact is being secured through monitoring the subject on a regular basis. The method of monitoring supports the ongoing development of the curriculum. This includes:

    • Staff subject knowledge, which is audited each year to ensure knowledge is secure, and additional support provided if necessary
    • Staff meetings (to discuss current practices, keep all staff abreast of any changes and to identify needs)
    • A ‘pupil voice’, which is conducted each year to assess the pupils and give opportunities to contribute to their curriculum content
    • Half Termly monitoring of curriculum taught
    • Monitoring yearly through book scrutinies, lesson observations and/or learning walks
    • Tracking of content against the long-term plan of the school, to ensure the full breadth of the curriculum is met.

    The impact of this is that children at Wavertree are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to help navigate themselves through modern life. They are secure in their understanding of the characteristics of positive relationships and emotional and mental wellbeing. They appreciate diversity and difference and have respect for themselves and others. It will enable them to be resilient individuals, ready for the curriculum at Key Stage 3 and for life as an adult in the wider world.

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