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Religious Education

Belong Believe Achieve. ‘A place where everyone belongs to the family of Wavertree with faith in God at the centre. Where we believe in ourselves and others. Where we achieve our full potential. Where hope and love inspires all we do.’

Curriculum statement of intent for R.E - Belong

At Wavertree Church of England School we believe that Religious Education is a vital part of each pupil’s spiritual, cultural, moral and social development. It engages pupils in a wide variety of learning experiences allowing them to make choices about their beliefs, their own personal faith, the faiths of others’ and to understand its importance in building their future lives. It is also concerned with demonstrating that every individual is respected whatever their faith, that we are all part of one global community with the responsibilities that demands.

Wavertree Church of England School promotes itself as an Anglican Christian school maintaining and enjoying close links with the local parish Church, Holy Trinity. 

Curriculum statement of implementation - Believe

In studying the religious faiths of the world, and with a real focus on Christianity, The Bible and stories from the Old and New Testaments, the Wavertree child is able to express themselves, to Nourish their faith, to Encourage those of other faiths and to Challenge those of no faith. Religious Education, a core subject within our Christian school, is delivered weekly in all class settings. Children are immersed in stories of faith, in lessons for living, and are provided with religious artefacts – which enable discussion and reflection to take place with spirituality as a constant thread. Indeed, the life of the school is developed around an explicit commitment to Christian values and ethos. The delivery and experience of Religious education could therefore we deemed as the ‘Core of the Core’ at Wavertree C of E school.

Curriculum statement of impact - Achieve

Wavertree pupils demonstrate both our Christian values and also their knowledge of religious studies in many ways. There are regular awards for living out our Christian values, certificates, stickers, prizes and whole school announcements recognise children demonstrating: Fellowship, Respect, Hope, Forgiveness, Wisdom and Compassion.

Regular ‘Drop-ins’ allow the Senior Leadership team to gain a great understanding for the teaching and learning of Religious Education throughout the school and pupil interviews offer information of knowledge and spirituality accrued through a child’s journey within our Christian setting. Class teachers assess both coverage and progress and attainment linked to objectives from the followed syllabus. 

Philippians 4:13 ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.’

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