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Space Challenge

Open from 12 May to 4 September and they are all-inclusive activities for young people between 4 and 18, plus every participant will get a certificate.

Mission X @ home
Now open to everyone. Join the ongoing Walk to the Moon Challenge and complete activities to earn points and help our mascots, Luna and Leo, walk to the moon. Fun, easy space-themed activities.

Climate Detectives @ home
Students are challenged to monitor our planet from home by looking from above. Participants are asked to identify an Earth observation image, describe it and link it to a climate problem. 

Moon Camp @ home
In a future not too far from now, astronauts will have to stay for long periods on the Moon. Help them by creating a 3D model of a research base where they can live and work, design a lunar lander or even a rocket. Once your designs have been uploaded, you will receive a Moon Camp certificate.

CADSAT @ home
The CanSat initiative, that challenges students from all over Europe to build a mini satellite the size of a soda can, has developed an at-home project asking students to design a mini-satellite in the size of a drinks can. Participants will be asked to submit a 3D design made with the design tool of their choice and describe their experiment.

The fifth ESA education programme is AstroPi @ home. ESA’s team of experts are busy designing this home edition, which will launch in a few weeks. Watch this space!