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Supporting Good Mental Health

Wavertree Church of England School

Helpful Documents

On this page you will find a number of documents that will help you to support your child if they are struggling with aspects of poor mental health.

Building Resilience

This booklet explores how we can support children in building resilience, particularly if they are experiencing some challenges.



Be kind to your mind

Here is a website that will provide you with help to support your own mental health.  There are also ideas for how you can support your loved ones too.

The message that it gives is:

It’s okay not to be okay!



Experiencing Anxiety

This booklet helps to expalin what anxiety is and what the signs are to look out for.  You can find some top tips for both adults and children who are struggling with anxiety.

Anxiety Booklet 1


7 Ways to Support Children with Anxiety

This booklet offers seven ways to support your child if they struggle with anxiety.

7 ways to support CYP with anxiety



About My Feelings

This leaflet will help you to explore the different feelings that we can feel.

About My Feelings




Breathing Techniques to Support Your Child

Practising breathing techniques can really help to support someone if they are having a panic attack.

The leaflets below offer a number of techniques to try.

breathing-techniques-to-support-your-child-by-steph-smoutBreathing Exercises to Stay Relaxed





Coping with Unexpected Endings

Unexpected events can happen and it is hard to know how to support someone who is struggling to understand.  This booklet provides you with some ideas to help you or support someone that you love.







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