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World Book Day 2017

We celebrated World Book Day with lots of activities:

The children and staff enjoyed dressing up as characters from books!

Tom, a local poet, recited some poems to us in assembly and talked about what inspired him to become a poet.

We had a writing competition -congratulations to our winners from KS1 and KS2 who each won a £10 book token.

We brought in any books we didn't want any more and swapped them for books we hadn't read.

Reception had a trip to Picton Library to look at the books they have. 

Class 2 had a trip to the Central Library.

A drama student came into class to work with Classes 3 and 4.

Class 5 read books with our Nursery friends.


Year 6 enjoyed getting dressed up as book characters.
Year 5 enjoyed our World Book Day activities!
Year 1 had a fabulous time dressing up as characters from our favourite books for World Book Day! Can you tell who we are? 
Reception took a trip to Picton Library to look at lots of different books.