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  Daily Worship


    Daily worship is a integral part of our school day and children of all faiths join together to worship each morning.

    There are opportunities to learn more about the love of God through Bible stories, music, moments of reflection and prayer.  We have a deep respect for all faiths represented in our school and we are delighted to invite all members of our community to join us in worship.

    Daily worship is led by a variety of people which include:



    Vicar from Holy Trinity Parish Church

    Open the Book Team

    Other visiting speakers

    Children and staff have the opportunity to extend their worship to our garden where they can sit to reflect and pray during break times.

    Open the Book

    The Open the book team visit us every week sharing stories from the Bible and helping us to understand how we can learn from them.

    We have been elarning about David’s life this term.

    This term, the Open The Book team have brought to life the stories of the lost sheep, the Pharisee and the tax man, Lazarus, The last supper and Peter’s saddest and happiest day. These worked in tandem with our Christian value of Forgiveness.


    Worship Warriors

    The children enjoy planning and leading worship under the supervision of Mr woods, our worship leader.

    In addition, The Worship Warriors often support teachers in delivering worship and engage their audience with dramatic versions of bible stories or Roots and Fruits material.


    Bible Club

    Rev. Sam leads a Bible Club every week with different year groups throughout the year.  He has worked with Year 1 and Year 2 this term.

     As the year has progressed, Rev. Sam has led bible club to our pupils in key stage two. Each session helps to develop children’s understanding of the bible and to consider their own thoughts and identity within our Wavertree community.


    Church Services & Religious visits

    We were very excited to hold our Easter Service at Holy Trinity Parish Church. Each class narrated a scene and sang a song to tell the story of Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem, his crucifixion and ressurection.

    A packed audience shared their appreciation during the service and each class sang beautifully.


    Year 5 had a wonderful time at Bridge Chapel Centre for the Easter Experience. This interactive retelling of Jesus’ life, death and ressurrection during Easter week, fully immersed all pupils and was incredibly well-produced.











    Prayer Spaces

    Our prayer space allows children and adults to interact with each of the 6 Christian values we live through within an academic year.

    Any one of our Wavertree community can add their own thoughts and ideas to the value, adding to the vibrant displays with clear Christian messages.









    Classroom displays

    Class displays are used to celebrate work undertaken by children as well as to pose searching questions which may deepen spiritual thinking.

    Displays are changed throughout the year to promote the Christian value we are focusing on as well as to share curriculum achievements and studies from the Questful R.E. scheme we use at Wavertree.











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