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Year 3 - Term 1

Wavertree Church of England School

Term 1

Geography - Rivers

Belong Believe Achieve

Our topic in Geography this half term is Rivers. We have been learning how rivers shape the land and how V-shaped valleys are formed. We made our own model of the upper course of a river out of plasticine and added labels to explain it.


Belong Believe Achieve

We played a board game with our partner. We had to add and subtract multiples of 10 to 3-digit numbers. The first to reach the end was the winner!

Making a Sukkah

Belong Believe Achieve

We have been learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot as part of our RE topic on Harvest. We then made our own Sukkah, which is a shelter Jewish people make for the festival to remind them of when God freed them from slavery how the people survived in the desert for years before they found the Promised Land. We used natural materials we found outside and worked in small groups to make our Sukkahs.

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Belong Believe Achieve

As part of our DT topic we have been learning all about the history of kites. We have looked at different types of kites, designed and made our own. We then tested them by flying them.

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