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Year 3 - Term 3

Wavertree Church of England School

Term 3

Making Bread Rolls

Belong Believe Achieve

To finish off our DT topic on Bread we made the bread rolls we had planned and designed. We each added 2 different flavours to our rolls and then shaped them and baked them in the oven.

Bread Investigation

Belong Believe Achieve

We investigated and analysed different types of Warburton bread, looking at the texture, appearance, smell and taste!

Friction Investigation

Belong Believe Achieve

Year 3 have been investigating friction – we set up an investigation with car ramps to test, if different surfaces create different amounts of friction.

PSHE - dealing with emergency situations

Belong Believe Achieve

In our PSHE lesson we were learning how to deal with emergencies. We discussed different scenarios and whether they were emergencies or not.

We then practised ringing 999 and what to tell the operator about the situation.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Belong Believe Achieve

We enjoyed the introduction to our new book, ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’, by freeze framing scenes in the kitchen – before and after the arrival of a rat!

Indus Valley

Belong Believe Achieve

We are learning about the Indus Valley civilisation in History. We have looked at sources to find evidence on how they lived. Archaeologists have discovered clay seals with pictures of animals and symbols on. We thought about what they could have been used for and then made our own!

Magnet Investigation

Belong Believe Achieve

We investigated lots of different materials to see whether they were magnetic or non-magnetic. Firstly we had to predict if we thought they were going to be magnetic or not and then in our groups we got to find out using lots of different types of magnets!

Tea Tasting

Belong Believe Achieve

In preparation for reading our new book, we became apprentice tea tasters in our English lesson. We had 5 different teas which we had to smell and taste and discuss the aromas and flavours we got from them. We then wrote a description of each tea to persuade people to buy it!

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