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Belong Believe Achieve


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Year 3 - Term 4

Wavertree Church of England School

Term 4


Belong Believe Achieve

We had an exciting package delivered by Mr Gary from ‘The Lazy Pet Company’. The instructions on it was that it was fragile and to keep it upright. It also had air holes in the box.

We thought of questions to ask about the package before we finally opened it and revealed the contents ….. a sloth!

Print Making

Belong Believe Achieve

We are learning about printing this half term. We practised mark making using printing ink and rollers.


Belong Believe Achieve

Week 2 – Convex and Concave Mirrors

Pictures from the lesson

We did a little investigation. The ball represented a ray of light, the books represented the curved surface of a concave mirror. We wanted to find out which way the light would reflect after hitting the mirror at different points


Red Nose Day

We had a really fun day this year. There were lots of bright red clothes, lots of funny jokes and lots of funny faces!!

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