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Year 4 - Term 2

Wavertree Church of England School

Term 2

Science. String telephone.

We made string telephones. When the string is pulled tight the speaker can be heard clearly.

History. Indus Valley clay seals.

The people of the Indus Valley used clay seals as a quality mark for their goods to sell at market. No-one has ever managed to work out their alphabet though!.

Maths Roadshow!

Here is us with our thinking caps on! The challenges made us use our reasoning and problem solving skills.

Science. Pan pipes

We cut straws to different lengths to create our own pan pipes. The shorter the straw the higher the note!

Music. Violins.

We were able to have a try on the cello, thanks to Mr. Naylor!

R.E. Christingles.

We made Christingles. Do you think the four sweets represent the four seasons, or four compass points?

Christmas party!

Merry Christmas from Class Four!

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