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Year 6 - Term 4

Wavertree Church of England School

Term 4


Belong Believe Achieve

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Congratulations to these children on their awards this half term.

Science - Light

Belong Believe Achieve

How does light travel?

During their first Science lesson on light, Year 6 have been revising and modelling how light travels from a light source and reflects off an object and into your eye, to enable you to see the object.

World Book Day 2022

Belong Believe Achieve

Year 6 entered into the spirit of World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite book characters.

Some of them were dressed as characters from books that we have read as part of our English learning.

Art - Gustav Klimt

Belong Believe Achieve

This half term Year 6 are studying the art of Gustav Klimt. They created collages, picking out their favourite parts of some of his work.

Real PE - Physical Skills

Belong Believe Achieve

Year 6 have been practising their physical skills by learning and playing a new game using strategy.

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